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Nitty Gritty Truth II

Foreword: Second of a series (the basis).

As we stumble around our lives, which we all do (don't you just love those eternally optimistic sorts -- ignorance is bliss applies, in a sense), from time to time we run across things that make sense, even if they weave in and out of our awareness.

You see, the whole intent (speaking teleologically) is to have a stable framework wrapped within a chaotic blanket (now, having said that, we also could talk the inverse -- chaotic core wrapped with stability). Ah, the difference? The former is that of the one who sees the nitty gritty.

Such as, those in the ring who know that they have to stand on their own two feet. Who is there to help them in their endeavor? The old guy trainer? The ref? The fans (this for all of those who are vicariously living through others -- via the web -- via pushing our young men and women into harms' (meant to characterize the multitudinous facets to this thing) ways for stupid reasons --- and much more ...)?


So, again, the former is the bottom-up view to which we'll be paying a lot of attention. Why? It's always been cast under the rug. What GEK III brought to boxing? An excellent mind and superb word artistry. In fact, the whole thing about his work was its uplifting (we'll go into this technically, as it's essential mathematically as we grapple with complex systems and the consequences of stupid peoples' -- would say politicos but am being polite -- ontological failings) nature.

Yes, GEK III saw through all of the confusions which lead to things like the chimera chase.

The latter (see above) is the view of those who like top-down thinking (myriads, but mostly the 1% -- that ilk). Brass? Aristocrats? Essentially, those who cannot clean up after their messings; yes, unfortunately, diaper changing of the elite is a nitty gritty task for bottom-up people.

Ah, so much to discuss in all of this.


So, for now, consider the efforts of two facing off in a ring. To what end? Oh, we know about the money, sometimes. That does not happen to the many -- the reality of sports not being an escape for the many (rather, only the few).

Granted, we can itemize the motivations, both good and bad. In any case, it's all over in a matter of rounds or seconds. So, too, on the field, games end. Of course, ego-related effects will linger.

Yet, those athletic efforts have a larger meaning (a broader scope - aside: it's not enough, colleges & universities, to prostitute academics). And, I'm not talking just 'lifting' here. Rather, they can be metaphor. That'll be a later topic.

Consider this, please? On the two feet, the being can loom beyond the sun to the vast expanses of the universe(s). Wait! Isn't that usually done in a navel contemplating mode (rather than under the stress of effort)?


So, there are two things here to bring forth on another day. Truth is not an entity found at the limits of the abstract (not entirely, I should say). Rather, it's integral to the nitty gritty (a paraphrase of Joel Orr, author of 'Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach'). Ah, how can we show this?

Well, GEK III's insights lead me to consider how sports may just have some deeper meaning ('deep' in the broadest sense -- again, does not imply, in any way, that the current mess is right -- to wit, The Atlantic's article on the NCAA -- ouch!! -- I'm no longer a fan of these hypocritical dealings).

Too, though, we don't have to go far out (even to the plane's view) to wonder why all of those projected things (yes, we'll have to get psychological, and spiritual -- pecking order, for one) are of such importance to the moment. Oh, winning? What about the rewards of showing up for the game (et al)?


You see, those pushing the 'now' seem to ignore that it's one dimension on a multi-dimensional thing. Too, we have not learned all that we can about spatial issues related to the matter (as a hint, we'll have a inter-disciplinarian's bailiwick to unwind -- un-thread, actually).

Yes, even in the ring, such contemplative themes can (ought to?) be of essence. GEK III, no doubt, saw that. But, some of these things cannot be word-i-fied. Yes, one has to experience the nitty gritty to get to the truth (ah, 'being' at last).


Oh, what about those who push buttons and kill people (many times, innocent women, children, and old men) in what is essentially a surgical strike? Or, they have an elite team do the dirty work while covering up the nitty gritty. Do we know these people?

Aside: having been Army, and having brothers who are Marines, lies behind a worldview that rails at views that do not understand the necessity for feet on the ground, in the muck, and such.


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