Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Truth deals with viewpoints. When we need to assess truth in a processing sense, viewpoints would help set control, such as with parameters, filters, and so forth.

Today, I happened upon Beck's book, having to do with "pants on fire." Normally, I would not have paid attention to the book, however there were none other available to me at the time. Besides, I have always randomly chosen books to read. As well, these times are not normal (or so it might seem).

Well, in his book, Glenn was writing about progressives (a Wikipedia page: Progressivism). I took note of some historical references. For instance, he mentioned Phillip Berrigan who was well known, with his brother, as a peace activist, especially during the Vietnam War. Glenn devotes space to Phillip's experiences during the Battle of the Bulge. He touches upon Hegel and others.

The idea of the book is to lay out how the elites are those who reign, not that we don't see the same sort of thing with the other side of the fence. What caught my eye was the quiz. Here it is.
The questions are phrased so as a high score would put you in that group. What ought to interest us is that there are many discussion that could be had with each of these questions. Too, some of that analysis might lead to a middle position. The scoring allows for that with a range from Ron Paul to Bernie Sanders.

Neither of these names need explanation in the U.S., given the times.

What is impressive is Glenn's collection of notes. I'll give him a lot of credit on that.

In this day of technology, I wonder if we might see some supposed smart system rating people with quizzes like this. Then, you would get your badge for the day.

I'll take being accused of getting up on the wrong side of the bed, anytime, to such an quizzical endeavor.

Back to Glenn, though. I don't know if he understands Hegel. At the very least, Glen misconstrues what Hegel was about.

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