Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Social era

The title refers to the theme of the IEEE Spectrum's June, 2011 issue. All of the articles are interesting to a truth engineering framework, however here is a peek at a few.
  • Super socialize me -- the cover theme. Altogether, there are sixteen articles very much worth a read. The following order has no implied meaning (not even Jungian).
  • New insults -- looking at some of the behavior that these new media invoke in people, one might think that the Johnson quote might be apropos: It is surely better a man should be abused than forgotten.
  • The map -- interesting little take on people finding each other via the new media; how many are looking for you? says one ad.
  • This is your mind online -- Ah yes, the web's contents/presentations do (can) have palpable results. And, what we are on-line may tell a bit about ourselves (only to the extent allow by 'being' (small-t issue). The avatar (whose look, and behavior, will surely change) is one example that bears some more attention.
  • Under the hood -- basically looks at some technical issues related to the two big players, yet these apply to the whole spectrum. Yes, your on-line being does not exist without a whole lot of support.
Now, to tie into the blog's focus, here are some concepts to be explored further within the context of social media: map-territory, Turing space, t-issues, truth and lemons, ... One subject may be to anticipate how these will look in 10 years and to what extent we may have changed.

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12/13/2012 -- Is it time to move beyond the Turing Test?

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