Friday, December 30, 2022

2007 until now

This blog started in order in 2007 to continue 20 years of work. The topic tells it all; we actually cover about all aspects of knowledge which is a vast, endless domain. Except, the mathematicians think that they have tamed infinity. Nope. Not even close. 

The result? Messes. Yes, we will show how mathematics has failed due to several reasons. 

So, given that? You see why this has taken so long. We will be back to this blog next year to carry on the torch. 

In the meantime, follow discussion at Quora - Psychether. It has been at Quora where most of our attention has been given and most of our energies spent since 2015

Remarks: Modified: 09/18/2023

09/18/2023 -- Changed "over" to "cover" in the second sentence, second clause. Lately the passing of David E. Jakstis has taken our attention.