Saturday, March 9, 2013

Genetics and truth

It's a nice diversion to consider lessons from the past (Zeno from the far past). We all know how involvement with the present seems to erase (or so some think) the past and gives us a better view. Markov (ought to have identified Andrey earlier; his contribution was to allow us to forget the importance of how we got to where we are [all sorts of ways to discuss this] in order to just use current states for making our choices) would be appalled to see how his ideas have been mis-appropriated (can talk to this quite long and far).


But, some progress, that has only been alluded to before, needs to be brought to fore in order to receive proper attention. We're talking about biology and computing in all of the possible permutations of such. We have, many times, mentioned that engineers go up against nature which, then, can lesson the hubris leaning tendency we find with humans. Or not.

For now, let's just look at genetics and at how it has motivated computational solutions, has hinted at future trends and uses, and has provided a new way to think of some things, including how to handle massive systems of equations more efficiently. All of this is apropos.

The following are links to material that is relevant and that we'll get to.
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To finish this off, let me add a brief comment about something read recently. You see, someone did the math to figure out when life would have begun using known information about state changes. Think of this being in terms of how far in the past. Well, the amount of time was beyond earth's age. The net effect? Thinking of seeding from space as being tied to our selves and more. We'll get back to this, as truth has a biological basis, in part.


05/03/2013 -- Added in link to Andrey's Wiki page, plus a little coloration. Yes, we have much to thank the guy for; but, there are side-effects to consider to. For one? I was reading in the WSJ suppliers bemoaning how some modern thinking has pushed problems upstream (that is the pure truth). Of course, those who are doing the modeling behind this stuff think they're geniuses. Too, all those who suffer (yes, IPad slaves -- need to find the link for this) because we push the bad stuff off to other people (off shoring, okay?). 

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