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Nitty Gritty Truth I

As a way of introduction, these NittyGrittyTruth posts will be about George Edward Kimball, III who passed away in July of this year. And more, these will look at George's impact upon the planet's inhabitants.

George, the penultimate iconoclast, had an American pedigree that dates back to the beginning of the stirrings that coming to this side of the pond brought forth in the hearts of those who left their old countries yearning for a better life (albeit at costs (detrimental impacts on the already resident populace, et al) that are yet to be figured). His pre-boomer experiences are telling, to boot. And, his luck was that the prior generation had started to describe (modernize and retell about) the ‘void’ which will figure prominently in these post.

In a sense, as George W (not Bush, definitely) was a constellation for us to ponder about over the ages, so, too, can GEK III (how we’ll refer to the wonderful fella) be more than a splash as was HST who blasted out further than his basis. GEK III’s basis was solid to which fact we’ll pay a lot of attention.

George was a good kid (we'll explain this, to boot), the quintessential world citizen. In short, the America in which he was born let him down, as it has all the rest of us. Of course, HST, et al, were very much capable of pointing out those failures. America? Where the likes of Newt is listened to? Sick at the core, GEI III might say (might be paraphrased as saying) as he, creatively, demonstrated these problems, if we looked closely.

The dreams of our childhoods? Well, we found out that they were fantasy propagated by old men and their machinations. Understanding this was a major leap forward for George albeit such knowledge is painful to hold. His humor was a try to abate that deep insight, one could say. Note, please (as an example), his cheeky take on the classic American boy with his toys in the picture in the Alex Belth article, tin badge and all.

That some jerk happened to be acting out what he had seen in the movies, or on TV, and that George’s head was in the wrong place at the wrong time set loose dynamics that he had to learn to control. We’ll look more closely at those types of things, as it is essentially what we all face everyday.

This old medic will tell you that the health industry failed us, and was not its progress largely American-based, too boot? We exported our dim ways (to wit, Japan’s lost generation, and much more -- say the 'mistreatment' of returning veterans).

As GEK III might say, it was not those who work in any of these areas that is the problem (albeit that some might be characterized as faulty - to be nice). He knew the importance of the human spirit. Rather, it was the system that de-evolved (actually, was never let to evolve). But, those topics are another whole story, and we’ll get technical, from time to time.

George’s efforts at attaining balance were, essentially, thwarted all around in ways that will be interesting to analyze. Of course, when has the world ever been healthy for its kids (yes, even those of the upper-upper have their issues)? Our task? Build such a world. An immense military-industrial complex as the foundation? Perhaps, if the side of it that stresses world health, the capabilities of the Seabees, and such. Naturally, there would be some policing (had I been in Lawrence at the time, I would have voted for GEK III).

Mind you, swimming in the void and looking for structure is daily dilemma of us all. Hopefully, the people that we know, and the sub-systems (alluding to the fact that no system is it) that we encounter, will be more an assistance than a hindrance. GEK III was solid, in many ways, as his friend will tell you. One comment talked about his metaphysical stature (we’ll delve there, too – we ought to have some comments on what St. Peter and GEK III had as a discourse).

This series has no planned end. The topics will be wide-ranging, as was GEK III’s mind. Some words that seem to come to mind, or apropos to the undertaking, would be from JC’s ‘Man in Black’ and BD’s (BZ’s) ‘Chimes of Freedom’ (which, for GEK III might relate to some tales of those naturally-based methods of which HST was so fond). Yes, GEK III has many lessons for us all.


04/23/2015 -- George at Beats in Kansas.

01/22/2013 -- The site referenced in a below Remark took down my comment about dreaming of Hitch (ah, can't believe that he's in heaven?). Yeah. So, here it is: Hitch (in one, he was scrunched in a public place (as if not wanting to recognize the new reality tht flowed around him), as I walked by him, he grabbed my notebook (as in EOJ material), and started to browse it; later, he and my college roommate visited me at my desk talking about a new school that they were involved in -- perhaps Hitch saw the peripatetic need, at the same time, Hitch sized me up, and I showed him the writing on the wall which is there for all to see, after they left, my whole work area went through some type of transformation, I had met several people there after they went to the wider expanse).

07/06/2012 -- Today, we have the one-year remembrance of George Edward Kimball III (GEK III)

12/23/2011 -- Void? Excuse my laziness. Of course, I meant 'existential despair' with many senses. There are analogs that could be of use, to boot. TPD has a good (fairly modern and without the claptrap coming out of bad psychology) take on what this means for talent. Can we really bottle up our insights? How many have used drugs, or alcohol, to grasp at creativity, for instance?

12/16/2011 -- Did Christopher Hitchens understand America as it could be?

12/13/2011 -- See NGT II.

12/09/2011 -- Some have used 'bad ass' in reference to GEK III. We'll go into that: the motivation, the mis-characterization, the meanings behind the mis-quote, ... 'archetypal' would be a very much better way to approach this subject.

12/09/2011 -- George's remarks about editors applies. Yet, from time to time, typos (and the like) will be corrected since these posts will be written without use of a high-falutin' tool.

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