Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family as crucible

This continues a series, somewhat. There'll be a reorganization, at some point.


After a pause to reflect, due to a death in the family (later post), it's time to integrate factors related to family into the truth-processing [see Remarks 02/24/2012] theme. In some ways, this would touch on t-issues. Too, there are links into modern views, such as biology (memes, as representative of particle-ness particular to one species), psychology (Dąbrowski's theory, for example), cosmology (memes, to boot), and more.  


Aside: Jung's collective could be metaphor, somewhat (but, not literally, okay - be patient, we'll get there), for an actionable situation not unlike what our friend Albert proposed for space-time. We would have made more progress along these lines were more people to undergo Kazimierz ' transformation.


So, the crucible of the family is the second. Your first? Did you call your mother today? There are many more. Some of these are outrageously insane so as to cast doubt on the collective intelligence of the human race (need I start to list these?). From that second crucible, one hopefully steps into the others.

Aside: in our western culture, we have about three going concurrently for the youngster, namely family, school, church (okay, drop this last for the secularist - but there will be some type of equivalence that can be shown). Later, we have family (even if you're single, people, you have other humans with whom you interact), work, community (all the way up to national militaristic roles -- and the ultimate sacrifice), and more.


The message, here, is that the space-time-like configuration, to be defined, first populated by the family's energies (how else to characterize?) continues to be refined through time and events. As people come and go, the space warps (and, we have analogs very close to relativistic thinking).

Aside: The 'action' mentioned before is both local and non-local (several senses). Methinks that certain types of experiments, using communication as demonstrated by the web, currently, would show this [in how it relates to the human existential being and intuition].


A death makes a permanent hole. No, it's not like someone pulling their hands out of a pail of water (leaving no impression - okay, ripples, for awhile). Yet, it is not permanent (that, too, can be considered - but, initially is not necessary).


We may use space-time as an analog, but not necessarily [by necessity] (see Barbour, for example, or even László's Akashic_Field_Theory).


It is okay if some get trapped into the physical processes as the chief focus. But, we also know homologous effects abound. The main problem? By what means (which is [will be] beyond Enlightenment) to grapple with these beasts?


09/15/2015 -- Family is where we first experience the psychether.

02/08/2014 -- Two years (02/09/2011), more on Truth Engineering (and, the hombres).

07/06/2012 -- Today, we have the one-year remembrance of George Edward Kimball III (GEK III)

02/24/2012 -- There was an mention of truth-processing themes, in relation to which we find family, to boot, without any explanation. Well, firstly, the attempt at explanation is the focus of this blog. Secondly, usually, in those times of kicking the can down the road, there is a nod to the label. It says: Considering truth engines and Being, in natural and computationally-framed worlds. 'truth engines' are of many types. Our success has been learning to control the natural ones to our benefit. 'Being' is an age-old philosophical concept (of course, we'll have our take on discussions of this). 'worlds' points to what some have seen for awhile. Yet, the arguments have only danced around the issues. So, we'll weigh in there. Our real focus? Those things that are computationally framed. Now, those of a mathematical bent need to realize that I include both 'applied' and 'pure' (yes, Bertrand, too). Of that which goes under the name of mathematics, how much does not go through the human brain (well, of course, those things computed by our beasts)? So, 'filters' are going to be looked at with slightly different connotations than normal.

02/22/2012 -- The approach will continue to augment the GEK III series here (and there). 

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