Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Truth and its engines

Lots of themes are pending. In the financial world, the U.S. FED just pulled out all stops and placed us in unknown territory that's even more remote than where Ben/Janet left us. Lots to learn there; but, will we? With respect to the computer's impact, we see some hype as DL masquerades as the new AI. It might be comical to see how this plays out. 

As, we have truth engineering further advanced than before. Too, we know that we do not have to descend to hardware given that it's still von Neumann'ish in nature. No, we can just use this present configuration and think to the future. As well, though, we do have to get technical in how mathematics evolved to where it is today as an enabler of the mischief. 

Well, Wigner was only given minimal attention with respect to the issue of the 'unreasonable' manner that things are in the relationship twixt mathematics and physics. Yes, was on that theme from the beginning; the change will be to actually be more specific with regard to modes and influences from such. 

So, for now, a punt, as if it were the fourth down. 

Remarks: Modified: 12/29/2020

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