Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day, 2016

We started this blog in 2007. So, this will be our third Leap Day. It might be interesting to see what was going during each of those earlier times.
    2008 By February of 2008, the focus was on finance. One post dealt with whether smart had to be rich. Or, the inverse, are the richer smarter? One major post, in January of that year was this one: Truth, fiction, and finance. It was in 2008 that Made-off's schemes were exposed to the public.

    2012 February of 2012 was the month that my older brother died. By June, I had a post about fathers and sons. By August, there was a re-look which still applies. 
Now, having spent eight months on Quora, there is a better understanding of the issues and how to address these both philosophically and technically.

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Monday, February 15, 2016


Quora had a question: Why should I study economics? As of now, there are 31 answers. These range over a wide area, as one would expect.

Economics' domain might be dismal, but the discipline is essential. That is, no rational person ought to argue against the study. Now, we all know how vocal the arguments can be with respect to data, meaning, action, etc.

One answer points to a group of students who are trying to change the way that Economics is taught. See: Post-crash Economics Society (a list of their favorite blogs - had to put this as the Committee consisted of younger faces).

The tie-in here? We have mentioned Economics a lot. Of course, Finance was at the center of the crash; and, financial types were the chief culprits.

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