Monday, February 28, 2011

Bernie has lessons for us

What are these? Well, there are several that Bernie wants us to know.

To recap, this post (By necessity, Ponzi) is dated 12/15/2008. We even proposed that Made-offbe used rather than the name of that guy from the olden times.

Remember those times, a couple of years ago? Even after the new day, things appeared to be dire. They still are, for most folks, despite the shining chimera.

We'll have to re-look at this since our monetary basis is a 'gab standard' that is weak. How can we make it real? Not an easy subject, folks. The motivation? Look at Minsky's (7oops7, Truth Engineering, FEDaerated) take on the matter.

As further refreshing of memory, here is 'Made-off' in the three blogs.
Bernie exploited our unstable computational ontology, meaning, of course, more than just the platforms, technology, and mathematics. He was able to 'pull the wool' for a very long time. And, he did this on very smart people.

Much to learn there.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

4th March

It's not quite that month yet, when we celebrate St Patty and spring, but it's rapidly approaching. Too, from a content viewpoint, it has been a month for interesting posts.

As before, we'll pick one post per the month per year.
  • 2008 (4 posts) -- this month provided the most read of all posts (Leverage and truth, II). As we know, leverage is applying a tool. Too, though, it has become a type of 'aeration' that is troublesome. In the economic sense, it allows many to think that near zero (next bullet) is other than real; actually, it reinforces happy talk and fairy dusting. But, if this type of thing is couched with the magical aura, and impenetrability, of mathematics, who is to know?
  • 2009 (4 posts) -- the post related to 'Near zero' has been superseded by another (at FEDaerated) yet it did start discussion of this important topic. In short, just as there is no perpetual motion machine, there is no magic formula for wealth, the economy, or any of the myriad situations in life that can be problematic. That statement, of course, by no means ought to be construed to imply any type of nihilism. Rather, our state of underdetermination can be managed, as any insightful adult knows. T-issues are necessary for handling this topic (in time).
  • 2010 (1 post) -- though there is only one post, it deals with an important topic (Can of worms). The initial motivation was the continuing topic, yet the total scope is large and encompasses the whole of applied science, via technology.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another go

A topic from a year ago came forward again.

There was a report today concerning a study on the SUA problem that has been going on quietly since early last year. More news will be coming later when the report is technically analyzed.

As posts asked earlier, who knows and believe whom?


02/22/2011 -- One expert site says they wouldn't buy these cars for their kid. Some SUA incidents are collected on this list.

02/09/2011 -- Brief comment. They did look at code. Some slight theoretical chance of error was mentioned, to boot. Yet, as NASA knows, those 'slight' measurements assume a whole lot that is not as rational (think, Gaussian overlays, etc.) as some would expect.

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