Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who is to know?

Actually, we have the problem that finance confounds things, in its current guise, by necessity. Yet, we have people needing to know now in a reasonable fashion about choices.

Of course, using default logic, one might counsel be careful, and conservative. Forget the clamor and spin, no matter how attractive. Besides, ill-begotten gains (yeah, like we see with the likes of golden sacks and many more) frankly stink.

Only make a change from conservative when there is a strong, and justifiable, need for such.

The main problem is that the market ideology has evolved into casino capitalism, pure and simple. Why? Those who can get the thrill. Too, the total story is not ever told; near zero it is folks.

When, in actuality, a truthful approach would probably argue strongly for the sandbox isolation of those who want risk.

How is this to be? That is one focus.


02/26/2011 -- Who indeed.

09/28/2010 -- Capitalism is for the good of us, let's bring that forward.

04/08/2010 -- From the gigantic chimera to ill-begotten gains.

01/27/2010 -- It's really ca-pital-sino.

11/30/2009 -- From 'Our basis' can grow a whole bunch.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

On behalf of

There is a notion that one has duties. Some of this is legal; a lot of it is cultural. And, then there are the 'big T' issues to consider, to boot (but, not yet).

How many finance people think that their duty is to 'make money' no matter the ways and means? Oh yes, how was this drummed into their best-and-brightest brains?

We're a year after a mess, are some folks any smarter? As we go along, there'll be hindsight and analysis. Some are more stringent than others in calling for reform.

Trouble is, these aren't easy issues. U-issues abound. We have half-baked quants muddying up the waters.

Note: Consider that those who work with other people's money ought to do it under some type of vow. Let's see the possible list. Fiduciary duty. No side-dealings. (Ah, perhaps, eventually, we could have an impressive enumeration - adding things like, vow of poverty - that is, no remuneration other than some nominal value).


11/01/2010 -- Well, we're still sloughing along. The elections are tomorrow. However, looking at how we got here will continue to be of interest: Adam knew that 'free' had its problems.

Modified: 11/01/2010