Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Content and context

Context: OfficeLiveContent, and all that.

This topic comes up again with my experimenting with an install of Windows 10. After going through the work and wait, I went into my personalization mode. So, then things looked like they did on Windows 7.

That was about a day. Of course, I didn't have to watch. Too, I was in and out, so it was not solid time.

Then, I tried to get to work. But, the thing was running hot. Let's say, enough to get my attention.

On a closer look, memory was about full. The CPU was maxed out. What? Well, the biggest culprit for the heat was was the memory manager that was compressing. After I got rid of some dinosaurs not being used, memory went down to about 50% usage (I have 6G).

But, the processors were at 100% (something chasing its damned tail). And, I have a dual set that was the latest four years ago.

All I was doing was typing a post like now. I multi-task, but I know how to balance things. I do not need the supposed smarts which are not very insightful.

Let this old guy tell how.

Anyway, I went back to Windows 7 until I can work a strategy to get the compression removed. If that is not possible, I'm stuck. Android? Linux?

I have been using this beast for four years now. Publishing. Computing. In my way which is not trivial. I know what the hell that I am doing. BTW, I had a BSOD the other day but now what was going on. Altogether, there have been only a handful over the past four years (as opposed to Vista/XP that seemed to like to barf). Too, Windows 7 has so many updates/installs accumulated that the tangle is a nightmare.

Finally, to the theme. We use computers to manage content within a context. Some of these are very much non-trivial. I'm not gaming. I'm not TV watching. I deal with intellectual items and use the computer as an assistant.

I do not need Cortara (whatever).

Listen up, folks. Of my generation and the leading edge of the boomers, we have people that know computing. They know what they want to do. We need to be able to configure a system that allows this type of work. Keep the flim-flam out.

If I want to do that, I'll get another system just for playing. Four years ago, it was the move from OfficeLive that opened up doors. Now, it's this. Fun times.

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