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Mission and method

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Insert (12/31/2011):  Funny thing about being a touch-typist: many times there is a slip (which I call Jungian) where the keys thought of in (and expressed through) the nervous system (you know, it includes the brain) differ [from what the fingers type -- yet, many times it's the automated fill-in contributing to the confusion]. Yes. And, watching what is in the head more than what is on the screen allows the word to not be noticed [ah, modern man likes to deal with the map more than with the territory - almost a sickness, folks]. If the secondary, and tertiary, editing steps are by-passed (all sorts of reasons for this), the mangled text will be there until later noticed and corrected. A resolution for 2012 will be to not just alter the text but to insert the correction with square brackets []. After some time to allow a collection of these, an interesting bit of analysis might be in order.

Addition (09/14/2011):

Each blog has a post that details the method. Essentially, no editor is used beyond a mere text editor.

Then, I might spell check. Grammar is as learned. That brings up a recent controversy. Some poor soul put out a shirt that had "lets go" rather than "let's go" which is only an issue out of context. So, I went to look. Yes, I had a few "lets" and have changed them except in the 7oops7 blog which is about 'oops and such.

I was careless, but blogs are evolutionary things. There is no separate editor role involved with a lot of this; rather, the blogger has to go back and eyeball the text. Or, rely on tools.

But, as said before, I prefer to write as if it's going to paper (yes, I can fill, and have filled, in a blue book from cover to cover while both following the rules of writing and expressing some notions about a topic). And so, I beg a slightly forgiving eye on the part of the reader (for glaring errors, I'll eventually see, and correct, it).

Gestalt describes the underlying issues.


Original post:

This is a tardy, but necessary, post (No exhibition planned of hubris, in any of its senses, within the contents of this blog).

The intent is to have useful dialogs about truth in contemporary contexts that build to a solid operational base.

Posts will be done in 3 stages: initial draft, then links to on-line supporting material, finally editing to remove any troublesomeness. All edits, after the initial date, will be marked by a datestamp.

Posts are intentionally non-linear (and serendipitous). Later edits will provide bi-directional links that will tie together posts through time to allow expansions on a theme. A list of links will be used to represent successive discussions (linearity) on a subject.

As an extension to the method, remarks will be added to posts when necessary to provide additional information, and these will be collected by index for easy review. As well, the remarks will be marked with a date stamp.

Comments are encouraged and will not be moderated, however they may be cleaned up via summary if necessary. Comments can be signed or not.

Let's take a moment to consider matters of conduct with regard to comments.

Related e-mail can be sent to ajswtlk[at]gmail[dot]com. Sources will not be revealed.


01/05/2015 -- Renewal, see Context line.

09/14/2011 -- On the method, see Wishlist of the Profile.

08/24/2011 -- On the method, see the Profile.

01/27/2009 -- A new day. As described a year ago, things continue to fall apart. "You see, this scenario dreamt about by Adam Smith has descended into a computationally based mayhem which has lost its mathematical, political, and spiritual basis and upon which there cannot be a sustained economy. The corpses of the system litter the landscape."

Expect more effort in firming up the earned-value (and related) discussions.

Modified: 01/05/2015

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