Friday, January 22, 2010

Lordly Prince trap

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Following up on the book that supposedly is for government, we have to announce that any business executive can have as much hubris, or even more, than any little civil servant. And, bankers are top on the list.

So, adding to the Eggers/O'Leary list, we'll start with the Lordly Prince trap which relates to an unbounded sense of entitlement for success. Our problem? As we've seen, this entails, a lot, misuse of other people's money and enfringement on the rights of others.

The best-and-brightest are only a part of this set, and CEOs are just about all infected, as a class, with this little defect. This is one side of the Lord/Serf phenomenon and a large factor in out-housing.


01/05/2015 -- Renewal, see Context line.

11/27/2011 -- Continuation, somewhat.

09/28/2010 -- Capitalism is for the good of us, let's bring that forward.

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