Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last post for 2008

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The posts have gone on long enough that they serve a basis for the necessary expositions (recent example). As mentioned before, there will be some posts that integrate within a theme from time to time. Examples are leveraging and fiction, in terms of the financial area (mainly, fairy dusting).

Then, through time, the posts will be, hopefully, coherent (as far as can be done with the temporal disparity of the web blog), and the integration posts will allow a better view than can come from categorizing.

Needless to say, those who think that the best and brightest offer what cannot be understood, by necessity, are way off base and probably deserve to lose THEIR money, but definitely these smarties ought to not have access to other peoples' money in many cases.

On the engineering side, there will be things to harp at, too.

But, the view, hopefully, will be balanced. Engineering needs money to do its thing. Perhaps, the money side of things could learn from engineering and science. In that latter note, the work would go far beyond game theory to include a more broad philosophy.

Look to more discussion, and use, of arguments about being.


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