Saturday, February 25, 2017

Big T-issues

All along, I have alluded to big-T issues. See category, T-issues.

Of late, I have started to address these. That is, way before the even of November. Then, fake news came about, mostly due to social media. Gosh, were some of these things foreseen?

Who do you believe? There are lots of things to discuss about how truth engineering fits in the picture. And, time will tell how this will go.

I have been using a blog on Quora (see Psychether) to lay out some thoughts. Today, I picked up a nice graphic from Craig Weinberg. Again, lots to discuss, however truth (and its assessments) is very much related to consciousness. I have been sampling work that is cosmological or physics in basis.

Now, the subject used big T. Consider that we do not have to extend the view that far in order to be effective. 

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