Thursday, June 16, 2016

Deep learning

A latest fad is deep learning which I characterize thus: sophisticated manifestation of fuzzy approaches abetted by numeric modeling and by Monte Carlo walkabouts. It is very expensive.

First some pointers to material:
Now, as a way of introduction, this approach supported AlphaGo's success. That is, a game that was supposed to be hard for computers was not. Too, people are lining up for jobs.

You know what? Many of these jobs are to pick people's pockets via the commercialism of the web/cloud.

Some think that they can get into this through a boot camp. But, realize, it takes a PhD level of work in order to know the guts. And, that takes time and effort.

Personally, for me, I am thankful. Finally, I see the world gaga about that which is the core of Truth Engineering's motivation.

Remarks: Modified: 07/03/2016

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