Thursday, October 30, 2014

Models and models

Context: See Tru'eng anew, focus going forwardmathematics.


The progression in the world of ideas somewhat has parallels which can be seen to be like those of the markets. Which means that there are downturns in thought, just like we see with the ca-pital-sino.

Ca-pital-sino? The roaring bulls, essentially.

So, thought downturns? Well, we see this several ways, all of which bear a look. One that is really prominent deals with data, as in big data, and all of the truths there. Well, that would not even be possible without computing.

So, computing is the next thing in line. How can it be problematic? You mean, "heads in the apps" living (and driving) is an adorable trait, to be emulated?

Too, computing plays heavily in the issues related to the ca-pital-sino. So, that theme will be central to a lot of discussion.


Going forward, though, how is it that we have lost any grasp on truth? DC? Public stances and spin, essentially. Banking? Well, it is nowhere near the utility (as in piping, folk) look that it ought to have. Even with wheeling and dealing (which would be outside of the plumbing), we still need to have a robust system (without the systemic risks inherent in what has evolved with technology).

And, what is truth? Exactly. Can it be engineered? Ought it be? We'll have to get back to our fundamentals.

Remarks:  Modified: 01/05/2015

11/03/2014 -- So, we, here, need to get away from the monied view. You see, it very much is limiting (for many reasons). The proper thinking needs one's mind divorced from things economic. Now, our problem is that the Harvard-ites of the world (and the FBers) are very much tied into money. In terms of the latter, that is due to the current blindness of the web'd. In terms of the former, ah, "how did it happen?" I have to ask the folks in Cambridge. So much to discuss.

01/05/2014 -- Renewal, see Context line.