Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Truth and media

Of course, we mean 'media' in a broad sense which includes the social, such as Facebook (the metaphor).

The Atlantic has a good article related to the fuzzy nature of facts. Of course, they're talking about this: that which could be called 'disinformation' seems to have taken hold of the information flow by using manipulations of computational (including network) technology.

Ah, there is no better way to introduce the need for truth engineering. You see, even with those supposedly solid facts of the past, it was not as solid as people thought - one source for the interminable conflicts. Even the facts of science can undergo slight perturbations. The same issue of The Atlantic tells us that even science runs after recognition and money.

Of course, we can know what is the underlying reality (big-T truth issue - which have been skirted around, to date, here) better than we have allowed, yet it will always be a mystery, for several reasons.

In fact, what we have found (look closely) is that our reality is wrapped in this digitally-framed cloud that has such power as to alter our thinking in order for us to correspond with (as in communication) the models based upon that set of frameworks (thanks a lot, applied mathematics). Yes, we dumb down ourselves in order to make our systems appear smart.

And, that dumbing is sugar-coated since we can lull ourselves into the belief embedded within a set of complicated mathematical expressions whose 'truth' we cannot compute (no, we need our artificial servants - to whom, we'll eternally bow, if we do not grasp the horn - again, truth engineering - with people's intuition as the key factor).

Wait, crowd wisdom? It may be a matter of training: move from lemming-ness to a higher-order (can we do this?) state (yes, ask any of the smartie group or, for that matter, the manic at their upmost part of the cycle).

Oh? Yes, neuropeptidergic will be important. Had a good breakfast? And, fasting-influenced cognition may be of interest, to boot.


10/28/2010 -- As with the ca-pital-sino, many of our rights have been usurped and our domains interloped.

Modified: 10/28/2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Truth and law

Well, let's see, Bank of American was first. But, then, they bought Countrywide. So, would they not be first? What took them so long?

Then, we see others following.

Doing what? Admitting that they had robot-signing. Ah! How can there be truth in any situation where corners are being cut?

The question applies in general, as we see cost cutting as the main motivator for things that come back to bite us. In terms of public safety, it's always a battle between the lame-brained view of capitalism and the necessary view of we, the people.

Oh, wait! 'people' are no more than fodder for the capitalists to exploit. Yes, that age-old class oriented view is still around. With new players.

Then, we hear that Goldman Sachs spawned Paulson who then sat on his hands so that they could make a bunch of money. Old GS is trying to stay under the radar, it seems.

Methinks that what we have now is the reincarnated souls of the idiots of the past in perpetuity working out the same problems time and again.

Gosh, even the Dalai Lama thinks that he'll come back for another try.

What really grates is that those inclined toward that position of limited insight, namely the libertarian view - did they wipe their own butts as babies? (oh, wait!, their adulthood consists of expecting all to serve their wishes) -- think that capitalism is a divinely bestowed gift to them. And, the main prophet is Smith (Adam tells me that he never offered himself for that role), supposedly.

Then, they think that there are mechanisms (see Remarks) that'll magically bring their wishes to fore. In many cases, it is the fact that the money'd manipulate the law that is the key.

Oh, may we get started on the Magna Carta update? And, then start to build, construct, a better capitalistic system.

For those who may perceive the notion, yes, we need a constructive view, not that built upon fancy.


04/03/2011 -- Need to look at some background. New robber barons?

10/14/2010 -- Capitalism, as known now, requires an endless supply of suckers.

Modified: 08/24/2011