Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Status, again

This theme is central to about all of what I do. However, it's more complicated than I have imagined. Part of that is learning. We're 'plastic' and do continue to learn (last year of the eighth decade). 

For now, here are pointers to current work is being done:

  • Quora - started here in July of 2015. The decline in posting at blogs is associated with this move which has been very interesting in its effects. Quora covers the bases. The equivalent to Truth Engineering is the 'Psychether' space, for one. 
  • Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. - what is gets more attention is our blog which has been in action during a decade of work in which we are always learning. This focus is on the 400 years of American history including the century plus that preceded the Revolution. 
  • GitHub - where the technical mind can get refreshed. Might have a code focus but is used, too, for managing complex data systems.  
  • Others - 

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