Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mind over matter?

Is that not a big-T issue?

The Atlantic, last month, had an article on a recent Turing test. Until of late, this challenge seemed to favor the human. However, computation has really evolved. Note that the article mentions human computers. You see, it was not so long ago that scores of people did the hard work of solving problems that now take less time than a blink of the eye by computer.

Are we thereby smarter?

To boot, the main issues are still avoided, in the debate, due to many reasons We'll get to that, eventually. But, to be shown, mind precedes matter. Yep.

The real kick? The emerging prowess of things cyber (at least, the cloud, but more) will be the basis for the demonstration.

And, truth engineering will be at the core. How? Again, we'll get to that.


12/13/2012 -- Is it time to move beyond the Turing Test?

05/01/2012 -- We'll need to talk singularity in the context of Alan. The computer has as many holes as do we; however, we can cut out of the fog. 

03/28/2011 -- See on March madness.

03/24/2011 -- In part, rant: It's obvious that some have talents and some have insights (not mutually exclusive). The former can show us marvels like a golden touch. Is that what we're seeing with Warren Buffett? Or, is it the latter? Or a combination? Whatever it is, my argument is this: lasting business success (or any type of success) does not come about from solely playing luck - that is, the whole gaming-metaphoric jargon that business has descended to (yes, advisedly used) is very much degrading to human dignity (and, no apologies necessary to Las Vegas or other realms of legalized pocket takings). Nor does success come from unconscionable exploitation of others (which, by the way, we see with many types of globalization - the new colonialism). Now, what does that might mean? Well, all of mankind want to pull themselves out of the hole. Guess what? The best-and-brightest (yes, Harvard, to boot, probably in more cases than some would allow us to know) want to preserve their status of walking over others, of using the resources of others (after all, slavery, in many forms, is there, folks -- corporate serfdom, included), of being fed without due effort (yes, as in management, in many case), and a whole lot more. Don't worry, we'll continue to discuss this. Our ancestors did not come over here (the majority, I would venture) to carry forward the whole notion of aristocratic butts to kiss, etc. So, some have remarkable insights and talents. Some less so. Are the latter any less human? Do the former deserve to trample the rights of the latter? Of course, do the latter, by design, need to pilfer from the former? But, where to start in understanding the mess that we're in? Middle out, of course. Some type of national, even international, service is imperative to set the ground for each generation (cohort) to relate peaceably, fruitfully, et al, on this limited planet of ours. And, computation will be an enabling beast (that term used since we see many bad side-effects of the social media, plus a whole cohort of zombies seems to have emerged causing dire straits for themselves and those unlucky enough to be around them, and, like Made-off showed, the supposed wizards of the ether (e-m) can demonstrate an endless means in monkeying with the works (that are ours, collectively)). Does it need to be so? Well, we can try to back off from the gaming viewpoints (except where apropos), even if we do have to deal with uncertainty. We're not saying that we ought not express likelihood and such. Rather, the whole notion of multiple expansions (yes) could help temper those of the type who said a mere three years ago: oh, we have risk in check, never again a downside. Idiots that they were. The suffering continues, despite the chimera.

03/15/2011-- As well, need to bring in Schervish's viewpoint. Paul brings in the 't issues' quite well.

03/13/2011 -- Let's put it this way. Everyone who is successful knows that they have powers behind their good fortune. That is, we can see those who are lucky. But, if that were the only factor, success would not persist. Now, what exactly are those 'powers' that are support gainful efforts. We'll look at those. And, we also have not changed from the position that 'wealth' is NOT the best of measures. That is, some of the successful (too many to name) are plagues upon the earth and it citizens. If we're going to deal with truth, we'll, by necessity, have to look at these issues, to boot.

Modified: 12/13/2012