Sunday, August 3, 2008

Money, money, money

Yes, we can thank ABBA for the title; as well, don't you think that money by any other name is just as troublesome?

As we start to look at money, what it does to people, how it leads to silliness, and all sort of other things, we ought to see that there has been a lot of discussion from many angles on this subject.

That finance takes its lead from macroeconomics which takes its lead from mathematics will be at the fore. Perhaps, it's time to re-look at the whole mess. The trouble is that the world cannot stop while we try to understand and re-adjust.

So, we know that the Monday to Friday games have already started for this week; sympathies to those who will lose; a message to those who will win that little and big 't' issues remain to be considered.
  • - Von Mises did a good job looking at the types and functions of money. What was referred to before as the role of money will need some attention.
  • - Money is the basis of the price system, but there have been many other types of models proposed which can be classified as heterodox (there is still an issue of the computational support requirement). What was referred to before as intrinsic value needs attention as well.
  • - In this discussion, we'll be bringing in some t-issues; that wealth is not measured well in the price system will be one topic.
  • - Given that we have paper and coins and more, perhaps there is some basis that could be applied other than any used so far. What was referred to before as the gab standard is apropos and will be looked at further.
Finally, we'll be getting into how 'being' relates to what we know of as money.


03/15/2011 -- The M & Ms are apropos.

02/24/2011 -- Gravy trains, et al.

09/08/2009 -- Heterodox covers several things, but here the suggestion leans towards the energy-based approach to money and value.

08/17/2009 -- As promised, FEDaerated is here.

02/18/2009 -- We can look at why securities become toxic, almost by necessity.

01/26/2009 -- We got way-laid, too many things unfolding that the attention was riveted.

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