Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free and fee

This post, as said last time , was going to look at doers and speculators (next post), but let's delay that to look at the subject of free or not. As with all subjects related to t-issues, there is a lot that can be said.

However, we ought to look at how close free is to fee (both are old english), namely one letter. But, let's just limit things to that observation, for now.

Basically, we have those who claim that 'free' is what we're after in several regards, such as market, trade, and what have you. Well, many say that thing that we're looking for with 'free' is an illusion that needs to be tempered and to be seen as the ideal that it is.

But, wait, one can use doers (and not) in this context. In actuality, doers always use energy and resources, even though it may be that many doers seem to make things appear to be effortless. Actually, that magical touch is one characteristic of excellence. Yet, no amount of easy accomplishment happens without some expenditure.

And, fee is only being used facetiously, as fees, hidden or otherwise, are always there. We all know, though (and learn), to watch that those 'greased slides' referred to in another post don't move monies from our pockets; that is, who wants to be included among the hapless? What is the adage: once burned, twice shy?

Another type of basis for these things could easily bring in better means to look at what happens in economical terms; as an example, perhaps energy processing, as a metaphor, would be stronger than has been allowed.

So, we'll need to look further at doers, as promised; too, a better characterization of non-doer (oh, perhaps free may apply here, as in something for nothing) might be in order.


03/25/2013 -- The Atlantic had an article about King Abdullah II. Now, he is an example of a doer, from several angles. What I liked when I read it was that while being educated in Massachusetts, he bussed tables. What that means for those who don't know is clean up dirty dishes and such. When I, as a young man, was in the US Army, we had still had KP duty which included such types of things. Another task that ought to be tried once by everyone: cleaning the grease pit.

05/09/2011 -- Doers, reconsidered.

08/10/2009 -- As promised, FEDaerated is here.

12/18/2008 -- Fairy dusting continues with made-off results. But, we can construct with robust methods, including leveraging.

11/12/2008 --

Well, things feel apart fairly quickly, starting in September of 2008. By N0vember, there was general spooking. Starting in September, movements toward nationalization sped so fast that it was easy to forget that a Republican administration was still in the White House. Talk about rewarding hubris and moral hazardness!!!!

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