Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Summary, 2014

This is our fourth year for a summary: 201120122013. In earlier years, there were more posts: 2007 (33), 2008 (46), 2009 (43). This year we only had 23 posts.

Part of that decrease might be due to the early focus of the blog to which we'll have to return. Perhaps, by 2010, the realization of the Fed's largess continuing, and increasing (QE infinity), sank in and caused depression. Not. Rather, it has taken time to get to the current situation which is just loaded with examples of the need for truth engineering.

However. let's look at this year's numbers for Past 30 days and for All time.

Past 30 days                          All time     

We will get back to basic concerns next year: for one, computation's shaky underpinnings.

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