Thursday, July 31, 2008

Money and Being

We're going to go back and look at money, from a foundational sense. That is, money plays roles far beyond what the modern abstraction-ist view can allow in their model. The roles cover a gamut, including a major one at the core of things.

And, the modern view fails due to several things, such as bad use of mathematics, for one thing. What we see as a result is a tipsy affair where money (in one its aspects, namely the wealth accumulation variety) rolls into fewer and fewer pockets, that loom in tremendous size. On the other side, the hapless set, which is of larger cardinality than it ought to be, finds its pockets being picked regularly, in many cases via questionable practices.

So, rather than just rant and spout off, let's start the long process toward a new view that may help clarify some issues. Like what? Well, why 'moral hazard-ness' is discernible even if no-one has the guts to state it. And, we can have a better way for all folk, not just the favored few.


04/04/2011 -- The M & Ms are apropos. Need to look at some background.

11/08/2009 -- The gigantic chimera needs proper attention.

08/17/2009 -- As promised, FEDaerated is here.

06/20/2009 -- Yes, rent can go to labor (new look at capitalism), and finance can have a higher calling.

01/18/2009 - We even need to look at why we need finance.

12/01/2008 -- We need to learn what we might be taught about money by Islamic Finance.

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