Friday, December 31, 2021

Grand Challenge

I just became aware of a talk given this year by Alan Kay where he looks at our evolution (humanity) and considers how thinking became more capable. Or did it? Well, yes, even though it's not apparent in many ways. Too, he proposes that machine learning being put first as we have seen with AI the past decade or so is like the tail wagging the dog. 

He suggests that we need a new platform and gives four basic notions all of which I agree with. Except, I would take it further, KISS notwithstanding. So, all of this is debatable. The platform, to be discussed as we go along, is the Grand Challenge. It runs down the same alleys as does truth engineering.

For now, here is a list of Alan's required resources: Folk Explanations, ... and Other Minds, Bertram E. Malle; the work of Doug Lenat; Causality, Judea Pearl; UI work, Bret Victor.  

FutureLaw presentation
Stanford Law School 

Platform? Lots to talk about there, as with the other themes involved with this important topic. 

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