Friday, December 3, 2021

AIn't, again

 A month ago, we did a post on the subject of AIn't which is depicted in the graphic. Today, we offer a new view with coming updates. 

Some mention that there is a lot of hype, seemingly driven by marketing. For what reason, one might ask. Too, others have noted that the NN part of this, while creative, might be better done under some purview of a scientific framework. 

We usually do not live where experiments are done on the populace as a whole, except that has been the modus operandi of economists from its start. 

Big pharma needs to prove that which they will be pushing, at least, they have since the days of the snake-oil salesmen were put to a close. 

Remarks: Modified: 12/25/2021

12/25/2021 -- NSCAI and its report. 

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