Friday, October 23, 2015

Quora, again

As of today, I have been three months on Quora. So, it's time to stop and review. The analysis will compare the Quora experience to FB (the metaphor).

Quora stats, two months

Quora stats, three months
These two have different approaches. Facebook is for the visual crowd. Quora is supposedly more intellectual, being oriented toward question and answers. However, one can embed image and video. As well, Quora allows one to build blogs and to post to these.

As one would expect, some questions and many answers leave a lot to be desired. There is a be nice policy for answers. But, some questions seem to be confessional. Or, they are out-and-out trolls, even if anonymous. As the anon types are still known to Quora.

Remarks:  Modified: 02/29/2016

02/29/2016 -- Eight months now. Lots learned. And, things recalled. For instance, a nice discussion on Carl Gustav Jung's concept of Synchronicity is apropos. There are other examples.

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