Sunday, October 25, 2015

About Albert

In September of this year, the Scientific American had a special issue on Relativity which, then, featured Albert. As one article noted, Relativity is going strong after 100 years.

Some of the other articles were: How Einstein discovered General Relativity, What Einstein really though about Quantum Mechanics, and more. One in particular is related to the theme of this blog: Does Einstein's Theory of Gravity Hold Near Black Holes?

Note: All of article pointers are to previews, however the comments are visible. Also, there are some links to additional material.


Albert's work is one example of the support that mathematics gives to science (physics, et al) and our views of the universe. As such, it is a place where quasi-empirical issues can be brought forth and discussed. There will be more of a focus toward that.

For now, there is a tie-in with the earlier post on psychether. Waiting in the wings is a better appreciation of human talent and what it means in this type of work.When we see a breakthrough there, some of the current controversy will abate. But, then, a whole new bunch will ensue.

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