Friday, January 9, 2015


Part of tru'eng is handling source, trust and a lot more. Of course, Wikipedia can feature in the discussion for many reasons. Quartz provided a look at most-read articles by day for 2014. Interesting. Expect some post related to this. One think might be to look at what motivated the reads.

But, for now, consider that some of the most-read articles had a series of consecutive days. And, some of these are technical. One long series was "Ethernet frame" which brings up several questions. Then, we see "Line integral convolution" getting attention for three days (say what?).
Now, my thoughts about big data notwithstanding, I find this page to be an example of the types of reports that can mean something.

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01/09/2015 -- Lots of possible subjects, related to the theme of this blog, abound.

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