Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mathematical universe? So what?

The discussion on this Wiki page (Mathematical Universe Hypothesis) is very much apropos to what we need to discuss and to do. Tegmark's book precipitated the discussion.

We mentioned him earlier: Truth Engineering, anew (consciousness as a state of matter).


We have brought up the quasi-empirical concerns, often, over the years. There looks to be a new framework with which to address these, one more time (recurrent theme).

Some issues:
Slogan: At the core, issues abound that are overlooked for several reasons. Say, with HFT and other manipulations of market events: hubris and money override the proper concerns (too, the taxpayers pick up the tab when the diapers get too dirty and the crap spills out on the populace); say, automated systems that trod over human rights (oh so many, where to start?); say, big daddy data which trample the human soul through improper categorization (optimization via "their" models) that is based upon information that was collected without consent; ...

Remarks:   Modified: 09/10/2015

02/03/2015 -- We're talking more than limits beyond those things that tend to the center. Our trouble is that we try to force things into a mold based upon data (even big data is not large enough to support some decisions that have imposed hardship (yes) on people -- as in, for one, willy-nilly bastardization of the mathematical via the loosey-goosey web/cloud (oh yes, plenty are filling their pockets) - we can only hope that things improve going forward - yes, some type of maturity, folks, say Zuck, you and Sheryl, too). ... So, we are going back to the basics (normed rings being one) and will cover the bases but only touching here and there. Sloughing is not necessary and can be counterproductive.

... Ah, the woman Dr says of another Dr (M.D., what else?): confirmation bias. Sure. A solution looking for a question. Is that not the web/cloud?

09/10/2015 -- Our mathematical universe (my varieties)

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