Monday, December 22, 2014

Threats, real and imagined

There are lots of potential threats that are inherent in our beasties which we have spawned willy-nilly without due consideration of ramifications (beyond, many times, the ability to such money from the pockets of the hapless to that of the fat cats).

Speaking of which (fat cats), it was nice to see a recent WSJ article ("Artificial Intelligence Isn't a Threat -- Yet" Gary Marcus) use "sandboxed" (influences limited in scope) in relation to the absence of "predict or control" within the context of computation (in a sense, we are already out of control). What we have, in essence, is test by trial (as in, luckless users trying to cope - even to the extent of automotive systems streaming out under very lax supervision?).

The issues raised in the article are central to truth engineering's core focus.

Now, about sandbox, it carries too toward those realms of high finance that have been so problematic (and, we will see another downturn - of worse consequences).

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