Monday, August 1, 2011

Memes, and more

Seeing an article on Memes in the Smithsonian Magazine brought several reactions.


At first, a little irony cropped up. Just like this blog dances around t-issues, those who use meme stay on this side of the metaphysical. Ah, when will science allow a more full view? By the way, truth engineering can help attain this.


Then, associated with the article was this one on media making us dumber. Of course, they're only talking the social, at this point. But, we could use the TV, too (idiot box, some have said). Perhaps, even radio may have had some denigration thrown at it.


Even back in the early days, some may have seen writing as a means to lessen memory (phenomenally, of more stature than any of our artificial beasties). To wit, the old guys knocking those who were chiseling in stone. Bring this forward step by step.


So, we see 'Turn on, Log in, Wise up' (06/25/2015 -- if only, then the real promise of the web/cloud might be realized) as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the 60s (and Leary) in the context of the internet's influence on our psyches. Forgetting the zombies who drive (that is, mindless attention to some social media being presented by a supposed 'smart' device all the while riding in a dangerous projectile whose sole control is reliant upon the brain of the one who, in a trance, seems to be absorbed in some 'nothing' that seems to be every dense nowadays), there is still a lot to look at here.


We need to get back to being (and Being), having left this topic dangling for a long while. After all, note the use of 'Being' in the label.


06/25/2015 -- Throwback Thursday, a social media meme. Leary's influence (also, his iconoclastic self's rewards - albeit, late - let's hear it for Berkeley as that which allowed his salvage). Referenced this from that (on auras).

06/25/2015 -- ACM Communications had an article (Created Computed Universe) that suggest that our computional prowess ought to lead to agnosticism rather than to anything else. Of course, my initial remark: So many modern minds conjure and contort in order to introduce what is not much different than what some knew many millennia ago in the desert.

11/09/2012 -- Picked up a Dawkins book yesterday that grabbed me several ways. So, I'll have to be getting back to this discussion. Anyone not get either/or? Does it not say to get your face out of that of others'?

11/08/2012 -- Wonderful new blog: Engineering Memes.

05/03/2012 -- We'll start a 'meme' discussion, Either / Or

05/01/2012 -- We'll need to talk singularity in the context of Alan.

12/05/2011 -- We have a new meme. Rather than have/have nots (which is a moral split), we now have 1%-99% (a metrical space); that is, something within which we can maneuver and make decisions (any more meaningful?).

08/11/2011 -- IEEE -- The selfish meme.

08/10/2011 -- For 'head-butt' below, use 'establish pecking order' (all the various ways -- perhaps the meme will guide to that which is less destructive to the innocent).

08/05/2011 -- In case there is a need to be more obvious (the meme: the chicken or the egg -- below), which is the oldest profession: head-butt or mate. Note, if you would, that the latter is usually preceded by the former, in many cases.

08/03/2011 -- There are several ways to ponder economics within an evolutionary framework. However, starting with the two (no, not one) 'oldest' professions might be of interest: head-butting (see Remarks 07/29/2011) and, then, that which is usually cast as the oldest. Which came first (the meme: the chicken or the egg)?

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