Friday, August 12, 2011

Economic truths

We could not continue without eventually getting to beans and books. Everyday, there are innumerable amounts of attention, incalculable exertions, tons of media assets (time and resources), and a bunch of hoopla about the markets. Ca-pital-sino, we can call it.

At its basis, what is the truth? We do not know, folks, for several reasons. Things continue despite starts and stops. Derivatives overlay the reality which is not 'real' in that the things which are being valued and counted do not map well to that abstract world of money.

So, we have arbitrary rules, defined by a bunch of old men, and then interpretation leeways.


Sorry state of affairs. Can we do better?


Who is trying? Warren, and the whole cadre, want to fill their pockets.

Let me propose this: someone who has taken a vow of simple living, and who has the discipline to not pilfer, could set matters straight. But, we would have to get the fat cats out of the way.

What is the chance of that happening?


Well, we can discuss how this might work; at least, that is a start.


08/05/2012 -- This post is on the most-read list. Things continue to be interesting.

10/10/2011 -- New horizon forming? Perhaps, chances of leaning (as in, de-fatting) the fat cats have risen slightly.

09/21/2011 -- On Wealth and the CEO MVP.

09/14/2011 -- One source of problems is, of course, from accounting. Yet, t-issues would make the claim that the technical problems are exploited by humans intent on misdeed. These need to be categorized, to boot.

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