Monday, April 18, 2011

Map and territory, again

That in the title was mentioned before, very early (Territory and map and Territory, map, truth). It was over three years ago, before dire things unfolded along several fronts.

So, we now have a skin issue to look at. From a distance, okay, since there is no close tie. Rather, our mode will be collecting examples to show how we have gone awry, along several fronts.

It seems to me that some type of realizability warp has happened in the minds of the educated. Of course, not all of the learned. I want to specifically address those of the quantitative bent (mathematical and computational) and to discuss the issues with any who want to understand how the best and brightest (not only by their greed) have led so many on perdition-laden paths.

One thing that we can do is try to establish where things went awry, using the timeline of mathematics as it unfolded in the twentieth century. That we saw computational prowess explode in so many ways during the last 20 years, or so, exacerbated the problems.

It was noted earlier that things would have to become more technical in focus in order to understand the problems. Berkeley is not the only motivation.


05/30/2013 -- This theme will play within the cosmology of business. Too, Zeno applies in the modern context.

05/25/2011 -- Lemons problem, dark pools, ... Oh, so much to look at!

04/19/2011 -- It was said that engineering has science behind it. What the hell is behind all of the gaming by the idiots in best-and-brightest clothing? That an insanity goes on daily is not seen (from whence, the blindness?); those in power (with their suits, suntans, ...) act with such grace. Somewhat vacuously, do you not think?

The prime characteristic: mutual admiration society! Almost like the 'royal' courts of old.

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