Monday, April 25, 2011

Turing space

We have known about the Turing test for awhile. There has been progress in passing of this test that seemed far fetched at the time that Turing offered the notion and its context.

We also know that people dumb themselves down in order for systems to work, many times. And, this is mandated by work and bosses so that things, like processes and standard procedures, rule.

Yet, the creative and the free (defined as the monied by some) show that there must be something to human existence that can lift us beyond the angst and existential despair (about work, think Maggie's Farm).

Aside: That the best and brightest think that they are 'it' assumes that there is an army (as in hosts of old) of those who can be trammeled. How else to explain the out-housing mania that left the US without jobs? But, we'll get back to that.

Of course, the motivation for Truth Engineering comes from things related to Turing and more. The emergence of idiocies, via social media and more, seem to be an expanding affair; is there any limit to the dumbness?

The Atlantic's recent story bears some attention which we intend to look at further in this, and related, contexts. Many things need to be discussed: how many think that the map is the territory without a moment's thought?

For now, consider this a note for heads-up caution, if you have not thought about these things and about how they will impact (yes, used advisedly) your life and that of your loved ones.

As well, we can give Turing more of his due, too.


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03/07/2012 -- 100th of Alan M. Turing.

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