Sunday, July 5, 2009

Smooth and not

The idea is to eventually get to wing-body join issues, at least, exterior configuration. However, a side track down a data analysis road seemed to be apropos (at the time), especially since noise is as ubiquitous as a problem as is the computer in its growing ever-presence.

And, we're talking modeling noise (yes, logic). The discussion is important in that CAE and other programs of this sort that are becoming increasingly in vogue. That is, concept through design to resolving manufacturing issues to testing and then to production use and support is a long and difficult road. Any where along the line, noise (used metaphorically as equivalent) can erupt.

Yet, most assessments (of virtual results) are visual - visualization is the technology. Though, one would wonder when we will bring in the other senses, such as the nosethatknows.

Now, there is another type of 'noise' that is on the operational side and important to the discussion. It's called flutter, and its handling is part of what modeling is trying to do.


07/05/2009 -- One goal of these posts was trying to get to where there can be a discussion about obtaining continuous and smooth from disjoint and lumpy in mathematical modeling. That is, this type of abstract process puts heavy demands on the computational elements in terms of structure and properties. And, yes, folks, open issues still abound, some of whose complications are very much overlooked.

Modified: 07/06/2009

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