Friday, July 10, 2009

Homo economicus

Pope Benedict has good timing in writing about Homo economicus as we will be better able to look at some big-T issues, from time to time. Ah, we now need something similar about engineering.

It's interesting to see the reaction from the news community (many of these are business fluent).
The list is just a sampling and does not indicate any order or agreement with the reviews. We'll deal with the Encyclical's content itself, from time to time, pointing back, of course, to prior discussion here.


02/09/2013 -- This year, we'll get more into t-issues. Plenty of people are looking at science/religion topics. Too, Dawkins was quoted as saying that the existence of God ought to be subject to a scientific test. This can be arranged, given the right framework. Perhaps, I'm too old to see it, but its day will come. And, with its advent, we would not have an explanation, necessarily. The benefit? Progress of a nature not seen due to the dampening related to not allowing the broader views. Mind you, science getting into religion may help root out all of those accumulated bits of dross which are so problematic (too many to name here, but I would attempt such an enumeration if there were interest).

01/22/2013 -- T-issues will migrate to issues of science and religion.

01/01/2011 -- Paul as CEO.

08/10/2009 -- As promised, FEDaerated is here.

07/31/2009 -- Let's see, 5,000 got over $1M for services rendered. Well, that's probably a sign of being a best-and-brightest, at least to certain eyes; it's called rolling-in-the-dough.

Now, this can be used to illustrate how the game it to fill the pockets of a small set to an exorbitant amount. Does the game need to be that way? Hell no. We'll look at that some more.

07/29/2009 -- This theme will be central to the new econoblog (leaning toward FEDaerated), especially as we deal with people issues, yes, more than labor to be exploited under outsourcing as colonization.


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