Friday, February 13, 2009

T Issue

Big 't' truth issues have not found much use in the western way of economics what with the gaming influence and push for greed. Not that greed isn't a human trait found everywhere. However, there might be some benefit from our looking at the Islamic take on economics and being cognizant of the associated worldview.

M Ledeen (WSJ Opinion, 2/9/09) talks about Iran's recent satellite launch in the context of the Mahdi's return which, for Christians, is analogous to Christ's return. Iran can be of central concern to our discussions here.

That Economics has a larger role will be consider here, even if it's from small 't' view. From time to time, we will bring in the larger scopes.


01/22/2013 -- T-issues will migrate to issues of science and religion.

06/20/2009 -- The Economist reports on an attempt to build a "truly global Islamic bank."

04/29/2009 -- For more on the Mahdi and Ahmadinejad, see the New Yorker (Can Iran Change?).

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