Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keynes and Hayek

The 02/04/09 WSJ had an oped ("Washington Could Use Less Keynes and More Hayek") about these two whose ideas are centrally used in the debates about economics. A couple of prime factors that are new are the mess and the climate change. The mess is causing we US taxpayers grief as folks like big Ben run off experimenting without any real theoretic basis (does it even exist, as phrased by the western mind?).

The current situation is open, what with the stimulus focus, hedge fund scrutiny, and much more. So, Obama tells the CEOs (money addictive people that they are) to restrain themselves. Oh yes, it's after the horse is out of the barn; they've already lined their pockets with taxpayer money.

One hopes that we can learn from cleaning up all this crap (brought on, mostly, by the best-and-brightest -- ah, yes, these who are divinely favored) and that the hapless obtain some relief.

This might be one area to expand definition and discussion of truth engines.


09/28/2010 -- Capitalism is for the good of us, let's bring that forward.

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