Monday, January 26, 2009

Title change

Notice the banner change. As said before, this is a new day. Influences are changing from the top. That will impact the bottom-up, at least, in the sense of interpretations. The t-values there, at the bottom, are beyond top-down changes, in many senses and cases.

So, from whence comes 'truth engineering' as a concept? Well, the hypothesis is that we deal with 'truth engines' of various sorts. We'll enumerate those (first example).

But, for starters, some are innate, some learned, others imposed (the top-down - note, every good leader knows that those he/she leads are of prime importance), some generational (ah, peers and cohorts); but, no matter the source, a truth engine (or even aggregation of truth engines) is central to every human endeavor.

Now, given that we will show the existence of the truth engines, then we have to suppose that these can be defined, created, altered, and what have you. That, folks, brings up the engineering part.

So, both the engine's being, and the engineering thereof, will be expressed as hypothesis. And, in the manner of science (in the general sense related to knowledge - not just that of the reductionists' materialism), we'll describe, propose explanations, and even experiment. Science and discipline are the promise; another is that hubris and hype will be minimal (essentially, human traits).


10/17/2011 -- With Steve's passing, we need to accelerate this.

01/28/2009 -- Poster boys, et al, motivate.

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