Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hype cycle

So, how to handle hype? Think of this in the sense that it is very easy for us to blur the line between hype and hypothesis, especially in those human endeavors that are not strictly rigorous. Even then, we have issues related to map-territory (and related truth) to ponder. Hence, the issues of abstraction-phile still need more discussion.

This question is asked in the context of a business/social/economic model that excels in hyping products and egos. Of course, we get damping attempts, such as truth in advertising.

We can do a lot of analysis, ex post facto. Calling before-the-fact mental, and computational, gymnastics 'analysis' may be problematic.

One would not expect for the issue of hype to be as much of a problem for engineering. Why? A product has to function and to do so in a very observable, measurable way. When a program forgets that, such as getting a plane into the air, things get fuzzy quick.

Of course, we still have to address the issues of earned value, especially in the context of globalization and finance.


02/24/2011 -- Gravy trains, et al.

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