Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Truth and thanks

We really have to appreciate the holiday of Thanksgiving that can be enjoyed from any of the many world-views extant under a free sky. It is a time when disparate views can be held in abeyance except for, perhaps, arguments about the teams involved in a game (or, maybe, the officials).

Some in the western mind-set might wonder about ' what if ' Christmas were every day. Think about Thanksgiving being every day. How far would greed and accumulation extend in that case?

So, what about a few ' what ifs ' that are inspired by the Thanksgiving ideal. That there may be a truth and justice flavor requires no apologies.

- What if managers were really thankful for what their workers bring to the table? We see this emerging in some Indian technology firms.
- What if managers could learn that resources have their limits, need sustenance, work better in supportive environments, and so forth? Chewing up and spitting out as seen in some deals of late is not what the human race needs.
- What if managers who claim that they work harder than anyone due to their long hours, to their endless posturing for effect, to their ceaseless manipulation of situations to better their position, to their sometimes malevolent dealings with those who give them their bread, ..., what if these ones wised up and realized that they could not do the jobs that they are expecting of others and that what they really exhibit (in a world view that can be described and supported) adds to problems? Again, some firms excel in doing the 'right' thing.
- What if workers actually liked what they were doing and gave their tasks their full attention? There are many examples of this, including those who may be under a union label.
- ...
- ...
- What if we had a better tie between our various nose types, whether the natural, the to-be virtual, or other (to be defined)? We see evidence of improved learning in this regard.
- ...

These will be seeds for future posts.



01/27/2009 -- Now a new day and way to consider these matters.

Modified: 01/27/2009

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