Saturday, November 10, 2007

Justice and truth

There is a lot to say about justice. Looking at the world of work and busy'ness allows a view that would be funny if it were not for all the pain that goes along with the territory. So much interest is paid to the 'pirates' and worse.

Any attempt at discussing the issues more fairly is characterized by barbs of various 'isms' being thrown that are feared by many.

We can split the populace in the busy'ness (which, by the way, is a Constitutional right for those of the USA) into various dichotomies, such as doers and lookers (same as watchers, can't-do, and so forth), or, if you would, workers and managers.

Let's look at a little table.

'lookers' is used as a general term somewhat pejoratively for a whole class, say some managers (actually executives - as that level drives the process [worldview] in this sense), yet there are many managers who fill in this necessary role honorably. Our problem is how to define the game, roles, and rewards, hopefully, with more wise motivations; essential fairness is not anti-thematic to progress and advancement generally.

One effect is that many times the doers are chewed up, given the apparent endless supply, especially as we might think in the globalization scheme. Fairness would depict some level of continued support for doers as their usefulness diminishes through time due to their sacrifice on the altar of work.


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08/27/2008 -- This theme applies still, as each of the little posts is supposed to, as a collective for a coherent viewpoint.

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