Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Truth and morbidity

That illness is related to non-health might get one to thinking that we really need to know what 'health' is in order to know if something is unhealthy.

So, we may want to look at how 'truth' might be associated with health leading to, then, some semblance of knowing how to describe and evaluate health.

The metaphor is strong in that what PR might spin overlays something that has to perform in a manner that provides a 'healthy' product via a 'robust' process; actually, the spin begins with those elements that gather together in the various ways that then actualize that which performs.

The PR overlay is an external cloak put there for various reasons, not all of which are self-serving; consider, one step toward progress was being able to abstract (correctly and with power); that abstracting action smears over details.

So, just as a few indicators can help a good medical doctor, many times (but, not always) determine a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment with a good prognosis, so too can we deal with some abstracted set (closure, to be discussed) with the few handles provided by the abstraction step and do it in (with) truth.

The devil may be in the details; yet, getting out of that trap makes for progress. Our main problem? Those who rise on these chains (many types of abstractions) somehow lose the ability to then go back down to assess where things may have gone awry.

The fact: the world is going to need people who can deal with (and at) all levels of abstraction and reality and who can grasp/re-spin/endless-set-of-operations the chains and their attributes.

The trouble: reductionistic and siloistic (consider that the economics of the current management schemes relates to just this) thinking only exacerbates the problem.

The cure: we will discuss.


09/02/2009 -- We'll need people who can handle undecidability and its influence.

01/27/2009 -- Now a new day and way to consider these matters.

Modified: 09/04/2009

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