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We have a web-site associated with this work, albeit we have not really used it much: It will be re-organized. Also, we will be working with the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. in areas that overlap. To be brief, as one looks at the discussions about truth and related around the world, there is a growing influence from social media. Quora is an example.

But, discussions are all over the map. AI, especially ML/DL, is a sidetrack with robotics seen as a new life form. So much is going on that ignores the importance of people to the issue of reality and truth. Yes, people are part of the process in so many ways.

However, too, the U. S. stands as a symbol, for a whole lot of things. That will be discussed. But, one fact is that the history of the U.S. needs to be re-examined. History is told by the victor, it is said. I say, history is told by people who like to talk and write.

When you look at history, we have many contributors whose story is told by others, and not very well. We have chance to look at that with Thomas Gardner. We, basically, know his from his children and the descendants thereof. Yet, Thomas was right there from the beginning (1623) of the U.S. through the establishment of Massachusetts which, by the way, subsumed the Plymouth colony.

All through the history of the U.S., there are threads from people from those early arrivals who carried on the activity related to the establishment and evolution of the country. Generation by generation, they were there for the good times and the heart ache. Yet, history glosses over that.

Truth, though, pertains to people more than to anything. Arguable, perhaps, but, then not.

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