Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ten years

Ten years ago, I started this blog. The first post was "Truth, can it be engineered?" Overall, there have been 284 posts. The topics have followed the times.

Early on, there were posts about engineering. The key topics were 'earned value' and 'middle out' which are constant issues. Then, the topics changed to finance due to the downturn, its consequences and the long road. We still are in jeopardy.

Prior to starting the blog, I was doing Wikipedia edits. I pulled this little graph that shows edits by year. It can be broken down further, but the timeline shows interrelationships.


Truth engineering started under the auspices of working in a knowledge-based engineering (KBE) environment. With all of the emphasis lately on AI (due to machine learning and deep diving of data), one wonders what is the basis for all of this. Well, KB, and its offshoot of KBE, were there from the beginning. And, they will continue. We will address this more here as we go along.

In the meantime, on a related page in Wikipedia, there was a request for real examples. I briefly sketched two recently. See . Talk:ICAD (software) for the examples.

Also, in terms of getting a plane to fly, it is more arduous than making a little smart phone. And, it demonstrates going up against nature big time. Nature is the chief guide. We have to conform and do so smartly. Nothing new there, as engineering has been around from the beginning.

What is new is the computer? What? And, social media and fake news. Don't blame the media, rather we need to look at this stuff from a new angle. Hence, truth engineering, for one thing.


Post note: There was no reference in this blog to KBE over the years. Why? There were two in the related blog: Out on a limb and Here we go again, III (only a cursory mention). I suppose that I was looking at truth beyond the computer. Guess what? Jobs and his mobile gift has changed the landscape (and his cohorts with their various clouds, too). And so, can we go forward without knowing that 'truth' is computational, albeit with natural or artificial resources?

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