Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Node it all

For now, see some motivation (FEDaerated).

We will start to lay out the problems and our means for handling. In general, we can think of what we know and do not know. Let's use a simple chart.
    Know what we know - this is the basis of success and goodness
        Do not know what we [think that we] know -- all sorts of variations
                 (operational idiocy, for one)

    Know (as in, think that we know) what we do not know - again, lots to discuss
                 (fools rush in)
         Do not know (cannot know?) what we do not know - basically,
                 the infamous unknown-unknowns
                 (see 7oops7; to the wise, the largest set - listen up, cosmologists)
All sorts of modern workarounds exist, with statistical reasoning being the most insidious (many times). Think compactification (other analogs can be used) as one culprit (when applied without due concern for ramifications).

We will start from scratch. Charles Sanders Peirce, for one, will figure.

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