Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary, 2013

This blog got its start in July of 2007, right before its sister blog (7'oops7). As of today, there have been 199 posts with 16 categories.

The image shows the highest-read posts for the Past 30 days and for All time. Compare this list with last year's.

Past 30 days                                                   All time

It's interesting that a 2008 post has been of interest, of late. That same post is 2nd on the All time list. Too, a 2013 post has gone to the top of the All time list.


We'll have to get back to the computablity issues this coming year. Someone needs to address things from other than how one can screw the public (legally or otherwise) into handing over their monies. That is, so much of the modern value system deals with excessive accumulations (If you're so smart, ...). Too, the best and brightest have a wider sphere of influence, thereby we ought to have them under more scrutiny than the average joe. So, why is it best and brightest to be greedy and manipulative?

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