Sunday, January 23, 2011

4th January

Just as we looked at the December entries, across four years, and picked a few to spotlight, we can do that off and on this year. However, since we're still in January, we'll not have one for 2011.

We'll start with 2008 and come forward.
  • 2008 (4 posts) -- Transparency and truth -- Posturing seems to be the political way, yet these folks' doings affect everyone. Too bad that we cannot engineer it more. Trouble is, that would be worse than financial engineering (next bullet) in many cases. What are we to do? Well, no matter the effort, we cannot observe 100% of anything. Even CSPAN is only capturing some small portion of the reality and the beingness behind what is going on in DC. Now, at the same time, we need accounting. Like this, do you know where your feet are? Or, what is on your head? Somehow, finance, and money, issues seem to take on this separate existence. It's funny money, folks (see gab standard, et al). Truth, fiction, and finance -- Did we not see a two-year effort to find culprits boil down to a 6-4 political vote? 'Nuf said. (related material: wikipedia, naked capitalism, NY Times)
  • 2009 (5 posts) -- Hype cycle -- Of course, today there are two games about which we've heard a lot of chatter. We expect fans to rah rah. In anything in life, attitude plays a large part. Yet, if we're to apply a scientific method, can we really prognosticate prior to realization and still be true to the process? Think about that. It's one reason that business cannot (I repeat this for those who are enamored of six sigma, and the like) be run scientifically. However, it can have some large percentage conduct that is science-like. Ever heard of management science, et al?
  • 2010 (1 posts) -- Lordly prince trap -- There are many ways to cut the 'entitlement' pie. Too, hubris can probably be found more in business than in government work, that is, if the political aspect is removed from the latter.

02/26/2011 -- Added links to the months' archives. Another go.

02/08/2011 -- A topic of a year ago: there was a report today concerning a study on the SUA problem that has been going on quietly. More news will be coming later when the report is technically analyzed.

01/27/2011 -- The chimera shines.

01/24/2011 -- Here are a couple of related items.
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